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Racecourse Hill - Darfield

Our team of craftsmen builders have spent a solid two years refurbishing the iconic Racecourse Hill Homestead near Darfield.

Severely damaged in the 2010 earthquakes, the homestead was assessed and deemed beyond repair. Looking at the before and after photos speaks testament to the level of workmanship and skill that our team of builders have.

Now, after the renovation/alteration/addition, Racecourse Hill Homestead is a double storied historic home with a total of 816m2 floor area (86m2 of this is the new garage).

The ground floor is made up of living and cooking areas and bathroom facilities. There are a total of four living areas, 9 bedrooms, a billiard room, servant quarters and 6 bathrooms. There are outdoor living areas off the home and a substantial deck and terrace on the north facing sides. A new garage was added with separate toilet and wash facilities.

The only alteration to the original layout is that area of the current kitchen and pantry which have been completely refurbished, enlarged and bought up to present commercial kitchen standards.

The old drinks room/smoking den has been turned into a sitting room. All of the work carried out has been done to meet the hotel standards and comply with the present earthquake standards.

This property is a home for its present owners but has been set up for future proofing should someone down the track wish to have a commercial business here as a function centre.

The St Teresa’s church from Colgate was also relocated here in July 2013. It in itself is another icon and piece of history that the Cribbs have salvaged and our team of builders have restored to a high standard. This forms part of a possible future wedding venue.


 St Teresa’s - Colgate

The St Teresa’s church from Colgate was relocated to Racecourse Hill in July 2013. It in itself is another icon and piece of history that our clients have salvaged. We keenly undertook the task of reinstating this gorgeous church onto a new ring foundation and repairing the exterior to its’ former glory.

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